The CIPD has published its latest labour market survey giving a heads up on recruitment, employment and redundancies taking places across the UK at the moment.


  • Intentions to hire in the private sector have slightly dropped from 68% from 63% (down on report published at Easter 2015)
  • 19% of private sector organisations are planning on making reduces in the last 6 months of 2015
  • Majority of employers are focusing on hiring premium and quality employees – and not simply hiring basic candidates
  • Cost management, increasing market share and raising customer service standards are the top three organisational goals for employers
  • Up-skilling staff, hiring apprentices and graduates are the key actions taken by employers to fill current hard to fill vacancies
  • Hiring more EU nationals and older works are seen as less favourable solutions (8 and 9 out of 14)
  • Average labour turnover is steady at 8% for private sector organisations
  • 53% of private sector employers are unsure if they will give a pay rise this year
  • For those giving a pay increase in the next 12 months – 20% will offer more than 3%, 33% will offer between 2 and 2.99% and 31% will offer less than 2%
  • The top three reasons for pay increases are 1) improved financial performance; 2) competition for staff and market changes and 3) catching up on earlier delayed pay awards

Read or download the report

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