Employee engagement has become the holy grail for leaders and HR teams globally, seen as one of the key drivers that will lift organisational performance  and improve workplace culture.

But, as we have discussed in previous blogs, putting your finger on what it is, what it looks like and how it works isn’t so easy.  So after a bit of digging we have found what we think is a really useful model of engagement drivers from AON-Hewitt.

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  • Say– speak positively about the organisation to co-workers, potential employees and customers
  • Stay – have an intense sense of belonging and desire to be a part of the organisation
  • Strive – are motivated and exert effort toward success in their job and for the company


How you can use this model

From the 6 headings and subsequent factors contained in each it would be possible to build a simple indicator of how you and/or the other leaders perceive the effectiveness of the business in meeting each of the elements.

For example under the heading of People you could pose the following questions:

  1. Senior Leadership – the senior team provide a compelling vision of the future
  2. BU Leadership – my immediate supervisor consistently acts as a positive role model
  3. Supervision – the supervision I receive at work is a fair balance between praise and criticism
  4. Collaboration – I receive opportunities to work with colleagues outside of my own team

You could then add a simple Agree/Disagree scale, or for more variation in results you could use Strongly Agree / Agree / Disagree / Strongly Disagree.

If you would like help to create your own questionnaire please feel free to get in touch.