Psychometrics have been around a long time and have fallen in and out of fashion like an X-Factor winner, but research published from Personnel Today suggests that employers and HR professionals are using and trusting them more and more.

In a paper published by Personnel Today and Network Recruitment, recruiters and HR professionals alike have greater faith in the effectiveness of the assessments on offer with 88% of respondents citing that they had either ‘a lot’ or ‘quite a lot’ of confidence in the results of assessments.

The most popular use for assessments was during the recruitment stages (94%), with the most common activities being undertaken to test competence in specific skills (70%), personality/behaviour (52%) and general abilities (50%).

The second and third most popular reasons for assessment were linked to personnel and team development through tools like MBTI.

In terms of which levels tend to get assessed or tested, the pattern remains mostly unchanged with Senior and Middle Managers tending to be the groups of staff most likely to be tested, but interestingly the use of assessments is growing with Team Leader roles.

Psychometric profiling is a powerful tool in recruitment

The final part of the report looked at which assessments are most commonly used by employers, with SHL (OPQ32) being the most popular tool and Myers Briggs (MBTI) coming in second, followed by Thomas International and Saville Wave.

Willerby Hill are licensed and accredited practitioners of the most popular assessment tools currently used by HR professionals around the UK.  Over the past 15 years we have assessed and given feedback to hundreds of candidates and pride ourselves in designing our testing regimes to suit your needs, rather than trying to simply squeeze your job in to our tests.

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