I came across this cool table which neatly summarises the basic employment rights for different classes of workers found in many organisations.


Employment status   
Employment right associated with each status Employee Employee shareholderWorker Self- employed
(incl. full/ part time & fixed term contracts)(incl. full/ part time & fixed term contracts)(incl. agency workers, contractors, freelancers)(incl. freelancers, consultants, contractors)
National Minimum WageYesYesYes
Protection from unlawful deductions from wagesYesYesYes
Paid annual leaveYesYesYes
Maternity, Paternity, Adoption leave and payYesYes
Part-time status (no less favourable treatment)YesYesYes
Fixed-term status (no less favourable treatment)YesYes
Rest breaksYesYesYes
Right to request flexible workingYes
Right to request time to train (companies over 250 employees)Yes
Protection from discriminationYesYesYesYes
Minimum notice periodsYesYes
Collective redundancy consultationYesYes
Statutory redundancy payYes
Protection from unfair dismissal (gained after 2 years in continuous employment)Yes
Protection from unfair dismissal (automatically unfair)YesYes