From the latest tribunal statistics claims for failure to follow a fair consultation process are up 28% on 11/12 figures.

This is hardly surprising following the ongoing economic climate but acts as a reminder to all employers contemplating redundancy that they need to carefully consider the redundancy consultation process, and ensure that they engage in a meaningful two-way discussion with potentially affected employees over a period of time, instead of hurriedly rushing decisions. Generally, the number of claims being made is up 3% with the largest increases being those made for sex discrimination and issues related to the working time directive.

Tribunal Fees

In July of this year fees to bring and hear a tribunal claim will be introduced for employees, with the anticipated effect of reducing the number of spurious claims being made, it will be interesting to see if the desired effect is achieved. One likely consequence of this will be a rise in the number of no-win-no-fee lawyers jumping on the tribunal band wagon in a bid to encourage potential claimants by insuring against the tribunal costs….watch this space.